Negative Google News Ranking Factors

Google News, the most dominant news portal in the world, is also the primary source of web traffic to most news organizations. Google News gets a huge amount of web traffic every day, and many website owners realize that being visible on it is a great way to be noticed by millions of viewe [ ... ]
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How to Create a Free Website

"How do I create a free website?” This is one of the most searched questions on major search engines. Businesses spend millions of dollars every year for the costly services of web development companies to build their online presence. For those who choose not to spend on buildin [ ... ]
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Ecommerce Design Mistakes

Businesses spend a lot of capital every year to build or update their ecommerce websites to sell their products on the Internet, but they are not able to guarantee how well the websites can convert visitors into customers. Many business owners wonder what is holding their ecommerce website [ ... ]
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Local Ranking Failures: How to Avoid

For any online business being on the top of the search engine results pages of Google is utmost important.  It means free and targeted traffic as well as potential leads and conversions. But reaching there is challenging even for many SEO companies. For popular keywords, competitions [ ... ]
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Is it the End of SEO?

After Google said “Goodbye to Keyword-Centric SEO” many are anticipating if the end of SEO is on the cards. In fact in one of his articles in Forbes, author Ken Krogue revealed that SEO consultant Adam Torkildson opined that “Google is in the process of making the SEO ind [ ... ]
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Magento Go shuts down Early Next Year!

Magento Go, owned by eBay Enterprise, is shutting down on February 1, 2015. This was an  eCommerce product designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Though this news might be shocking for the customers, it has been confirmed by Mark Lavelle, SVP & Head of Global Product and [ ... ]
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Benefits of CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter, a powerful PHP framework that has very small footprint. It is a simple and elegant toolkit using which PHP coders can create full-featured web applications. In fact, this PHP framework is widely used by web development companies dealing with shared hosting accounts and have de [ ... ]
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Guest Blogging isn’t Dead, Yet. It Just Got Cleaner

A lot of discussions have been going around regarding LinkedIn's publishing platform, where the professional network allows members, in addition to its Influencers, publish long-form posts about their professional interests and expertise. LinkedIn is in the process of rolling out this [ ... ]
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Adaptive Web Design vs Responsive Web Designing

Numerous novel technologies are constantly coming in the arena of web developers and website development companies. Websites can now automatically retort and acclimatize to any gadget with any screen size. It is the ease of access of the websites on diverse devices other than the customary [ ... ]
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4 Popular Elements of Digital Marketing Mix

As a broad discipline, digital marketing mix brings various forms of marketing channels together, be it online, on-screen or on mobile. Over the past few decades, digital marketing has experienced a major paradigm shift. It has gone through enormous development and is still growing. The fo [ ... ]
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